We've reached the section on food-borne diseases (FBDs), and those inclined to open their mouths without much forethought are in rare form today. If you interrupt the lecturer so that I have to hear one more stupid anecdote about that chinese restaurant you once ate that caused you to shit blood from your ears for two weeks or some such stupid thing, I'm going to give you a parenteral infection with multiple portals of entry. Maybe if we're lucky, some of that staphylococcus aureus on your skin will be of a MERSA genus and endotoxic shock will overtake your body. If we're really lucky, that endotoxic shock will cause expedient hypotension and you'll pass out in your seat -- at least until the end of this unit.

Back to lecture...

"Sorry to go back to this, but this just occurred to me. Is it bad to get coffee from those coffee vending machines? Because like the water is in there for a long time..."

Meet the future of medicine. sigh

New Tattoo

I want this quote to be my new tattoo. My boss came up with this on the spur of the moment. I like the cyclical word imagery of the above design, but it needs some refining. Anyone good with graphic design? Help?

I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees
I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues